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SDPE & DPTC 2017 第3届/中国(广州)国际网印喷印数码印花展/中国(广州)时尚数码纺织暨私人定制展览会将于11月21-23号在广州琶洲保利世贸博览馆1-2号馆隆重举办。展会将继承和发扬往届展会高规格、大规模、专业化的特色,举办多场精彩活动,提高服务质量,扩大宣传力度,吸引更多国内外厂商参展,同时也将更广泛地组织国内外专业观众参观。




Changzhou Rongjiu Mechanical Co., Ltd. is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing inflatable shaft, mechanical bulging shaft, expander roller, bending roller, safety stirrup and some other products. Rongjiu has manufacturing experience of more than 10 years, it has high ability of developing, producing and manufacturing, its products are characterized in diversification, high accuracy and large load, which are leading the same industry. So Rongjiu is popular and trustworthy by the customers.

Rongjiu conforms with the principle” Quality First, Reputation First, Customer Oriented”, will always provide the customers with superior service by scientific management, advanced production process and world class products. You’re cordially invited to our company, put forward with valuable comments and suggestions. Also contact with us and do allround technical communicating to achieve the common effort that developing the machinery parts industry.